Seafood Peoria IL

Seafood Peoria IL

Seafood Peoria ILFor Fresh Seafood Peoria IL Will Crave!

Where can you find some of the freshest fish, combined with authentic sushi, craft cocktails and a charming atmosphere? When looking for seafood Peoria IL residents have Novu Sushi in Junction City to turn to, whether they want sushi, salmon, tuna tartare, ceviche, seared scallops and more.

Why Novu Sushi?

Novu Sushi was founded because our owners saw a need for a great sushi restaurant in Peoria IL, where only fresh fish would be served, instead of frozen fish offered by some other restaurants. Why should you eat fish that has been in the freezer when you can have fish that was flown in just the day before from Hawaii?

Not only do we look to Hawaii for our fish, which is flown in every other day, but we have many venues to catch the best seafood. This way, we can pick and choose from what is the freshest at the time. Typically, our fish comes from many different places, including:

  • Salmon from Scotland or Alaska
  • Tuna from Hawaii or the continental U.S.
  • Yellowtail from Japan
  • And red snapper from Hawaii

Seafood Peoria IL We don’t just stop at seafood, either! Try our fine wines, signature martinis, steak and chicken. Stop by for happy hour, lunch or dinner. Novu Sushi is a place where anyone can find something great, and fight over a plate of our popular frites!

Stop By Today!

Call us today to reserve your table. Our Master Chef Kumiko Osamato is ready to prepare the same sushi and seafood Peoria IL will love that she made for years in Tokyo, Japan, and our bartenders are ready to create your favorite martinis and cocktails. Are you looking for a quick bite of sushi, a family dinner or just to try some sake? Novu Sushi can provide all of these things, and has for many satisfied customers!